David Prestidge


New ideas are like blind supplicants.
Commit to them. They may yet find grace.

Experiment, test, iterate
The hike not the summit

  Coffee, water, grind, time—a process and a philosophy  

These are my commitments
What are you committed to?


Digital Marketer · Producer · Sales Strategist · Consultant

What I've done

Sales and marketing professional with international experience, digital expertise and an accomplished background in sales management, digital marketing, employee skills training and digital advertising

Adept in a range of presentation and video editing applications, HTML and responsive web design

I've worked overseas as a sales consultant, technology specialist and, as a marketing manager, try to design strategies & campaigns that inform, delight and inspire

What I've done

I've worked in seven countries and held a range of titles in companies both large and small. My professional skillset—the hard won result of 10 years traveling, product evangelizing, and lots of trial and error—draws on that experience.

What I'm doing

At the moment, I'm working on a project showcase redesign and learning Bootstrap from the ground up (I used the Materialize framework to build this site). To see some of my progress, check out "Seriously Metal Kitten," a love poem (of sorts) to the wildlife I foster. A work in progress.

I'm also currently refining a blog template within which I plan to publish highlights from sessions, candid moments, and showcases featured at the 2015 SXSW Interactive and Film festival.

What I've done

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I follow, write about and post on topics like digital advertising and marketing, game design, SEO, technology trends in online advertising and video and content marketing best practices.

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Commitment is an act, not a word. ―Jean-Paul Sartre
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