Seriously Metal Kitten

Two Kittens. One Purpose.
Serious Aww.

Each night, Malala and Django Bengal will bring the pain. Get ready for cuteness so heady, so violent, so metal, you'll need to step away from your monitor to attend to the eye-melting, brain-searing wounds caused by all that unfiltered 'aww'.

These are seriously metal kittens, people. You've been warned.

Embrace the "Aww"


Named after a hardcore hero as metal as she is, Malala turns up the heat with feats of adorable hijinks that will Blow. Your. Mind. And your heart. Got a heart condition? Go back to the minor leagues.

When not driving her enemies before her with a single enchanting glance, Malala can be found batting plastic electronics packaging around or cuddling with extreme prejudice.

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As spontaneous and wildly erratic as the jazz musician, Django lurks in the dark corners of his victim's soul, waiting for his chance to overpower his opponent with gruesome displays of unmitigated aww.

Django will awaken the nightmare within you and consume your soul but he prefers Friskies Chicken and Liver Pate.

Avert your eyes, initiate. You are not ready.

Django awaits »

What is a Bengal Cat?

A typical Bengal cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)

Take your average domesticated cat. Cute right? Now cross it with an Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). Throw in four generations of selective breeding to ensure your new live-in companion doesn't go all honey badger on you.

That's a Bengal. Basically a friendly, if precocious, mini-ocelot that lives in your home. Learn more

The Bestiary

Archive of 'Aww'

Not for the sensitive of faint of heart, this archive houses all of Django and Malala's most impressive feats of aww.

No censors. No filters. No way back. It's a one-way ticket and you won't come back the same.
Buckle up, pilgrim. It's a bumpy ride.

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