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What I've learned after a decade of traveling, product evangelizing, and lots of trial and error

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Modern and mobile marketing strategy that gets results

Sales Support & Client Training

Over the last five years, I've designed, led and closed hundreds of sales presentations and earned a closing ratio just over 80%.

Key to that success? Smart, simple and visually dynamic presentations that delight, entertain and persuade.

From manuals to web sites to winning presentations, I build sales tools that win new clients and ensure new customers will stay customers for years to come.

Modern and mobile marketing strategy that gets results

Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development

A modern marketing campaign must be multi-channel. But it's also got to multitask. That's why I design campaigns built around content & video marketing strategies that inform, engage, and delight.

From there, I analyze the data, from consideration to purchase to post purchase, and iterate based on real and actionable insights.

The result? Marketing campaigns that attract new users, entice existing ones and transform returning visitors into enthusiastic brand evangelists.

Presentation Design and Delivery expertise

Presentation Design & Delivery

Good presentations convey critical information well.

Presentations that win hearts and minds do the same. But they also tell powerful, emotional stories that place the audience in the driver’s seat.

I've logged hundreds of hours in front of audiences of all sizes. Drawing on that experience, I design and lead high-impact, winning presentations that inform, entertain and, persuade...with impressive consistency.

Web Design, Video Editing and Production

Web Design, Video Editing and Production

From responsive landing pages to training videos to animated gifs, I design and build web resources and interactives to complement sales presentations, online training tools and multichannel marketing campaigns.

incluce HTML[5]|CSS[3] | Responsive web design | video/audio drafting, editing & production | web course and video tutorial scripting, development, and production | well-versed in Google Analytics campaign and website engagement and conversion tracking

Applications Dreamweaver | Photoshop | Screenflow | FinalCut | Keynote

Commitment is an act, not a word. ―Jean-Paul Sartre
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